…to Russell T. Davies and his team for managing to make a whole episode of Doctor Who that doesn’t feature the sonic screwdriver (The Shakespeare Code, broadcast last weekend). They must have overcome some strong temptations, particularly as the episode included a scene inside a locked cell.

Eager fans will point out that Russell T. attempted a move towards this more creative way of getting out of tricky situations last week as well, when the sonic screwdriver was temporarily damaged. Alas, when the Doctor found himself in a desperate situation and needing the sonic screwdriver to save the world from a terrible destruction machine on that occasion, Russell’s fertile imagination clearly deserted him at the last minute and he had the Doctor simply pull the plug out.

Still, it’s a start. Has Russell T. realised that he might have overrelied on the prop a wee bit? Or has the BBC just fallen out with Woolworths?

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