Talk To Rex is James Aylett and James Lark. We make films, write books, and talk about Dr Who a lot. If you want, please get in touch with us.

James Aylett’s first stage appearance was as a badger, and it took him until 1995 and his first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe to top that by wailing loudly and wearing a dress. As well as occasional scripted performance when he absolutely cannot help it, and more than a decade’s improvisation experience as co-founder of The Uncertainty Division, he has a worrying tendency to work for internet startups that disappear just when they are getting interesting. Long harbouring an interest in film making and even having spent about a month at film school, he keeps on getting distracted by other things, most recent as a staff writer for NSFWCORP.

James Lark is a writer, director and composer whose work includes several short films and extensive theatre experience, including new musicals Miracles at Short Notice and award-winning 2007 total Fringe sell-out show Tony Blair – the Musical (“runs the melodic gamut from near-Weillian severity to knowingly schmaltzy balladry, and is packed with rich, tight harmonies” – The Daily Telegraph) and his 2006 one-man show The Rise and Fall of Deon Vonniget (“very funny…fantastically skewed” – the New York Times). Other productions, as both a composer and writer, include an adaptation of The Snow Spider with Io Theatre Company, and Watford Palace Theatre’s production of Lysistrata. His debut novel, More Tea, Jesus?, was published as an e-book last year. Although he co-founded The Uncertainty Division and has performed in all of their shows, he is a different person to James Aylett.

We have a growing presence as writers and producers of film; film shorts include A Cake For Jim Broadbent, winner of the 2013 Wimbledon Shorts London Filmmaker Award, and Beach, winner of the 2011 Cambridge Film Festival jury and audience awards for best local film. Other recent projects include internet dramas Degrees of Separation and The Sitcom (“if you haven’t already watched it you absolutely must” – The Guardian).