Death Sentence

“You’ll be a serial killer.”
“People don’t realise how easily it happens…”

A Hand in the Bush

Amanda is young, carefree and in love. But things are about to get complicated.

A Cake for Jim Broadbent

When Chantelle Dupont sends Jim Broadbent a cake to thank him for the entertainment he has provided her and his other fans, it results in an unexpected friendship. As it blossoms she is thrown into a journey taking to her into new culinary and emotional territory – but how long can it last?


When Andy is hit by a car and finds his whole life flashing before him, he realizes what a missed opportunity his life was – and how far he’s prepared to go for a second chance…

A pair of shorts

In A la recherche du temps perdu we start a tour through great literature we haven’t read, and in Beer we have a drink.

Hide And Seek

A party turns into a nightmare for one man when he finds himself the recipient of unwelcome attention and a plate of profiteroles.


How do films get their unique sense of melancholy nostalgia? One film composer tells his story and reveals the secrets of his trade…

The Sitcom

A group of comedy writers is hastily assembled to rescue a sitcom on the verge of cancelation following the death of its creator.

Other work

As well as a number of feature film scripts currently under development both individually and by both of us, we have completed several short films. If you’re interested in James Lark’s films made with Jon Croker, his website has some stills; the other James is keeping his earlier shorts under a bushel for the moment (partly because they’re on 16mm film, but mostly because if you have the option of hiding anything under a bushel, why wouldn’t you?).