Hide and Seek is a short, visual comedy which was made with minimal budget, a small crew and the few people we could persuade to dress up for a day and pretend to be at a party.

The majority of the interior and exterior scenes for the film were shot at the same location, in Wolfson College, Cambridge. For the vital toilet scene, however, the only suitable location we could get permission to use was at Borders in Cambridge – and even there the staff remained distinctly suspicious of two grown men going into a toilet carrying a video camera.

We shot in March, so for the exterior scenes we were nearing sub-zero temperatures. The shot from between Amelia’s legs was nearly abandoned when they started to turn blue. The profiteroles had been on the plate for 24 hours by that stage so the denouement was every bit as unpleasant as it looks on screen – no acting was required for at least one of the actors…