Dreaming about …

I’ve had a couple of dreams recently featuring Stewart Lee. But not the real Stewart Lee – instead some paragon, with giant blond hair, a huge imposing air about him, and an idea for a TV series he’s going to write with Matt Holness. Depending on the dream, I am invited either to go round sometime (which my short-term memory immediately records as ‘tomorrow’, but is actually ‘tonight’) to hash out some ideas with them, or to a party to celebrate what he’s currently doing, which comes across as another TV show while actually being a group of people in a pub. I never make it to either.

Strangely, although it’s definitely Stewart Lee and Matt Holness in the dream, neither looks anything like they do in real life, making me wonder if it’s actually all an extended experiment by the government, or possibly a very strange joke by unscrupulous friends.

I wake confused, and unrefreshed. There must be a way of ridding my head of unwanted comedians.

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