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I can’t hope to rival James’ entry for sheer bile, but a question has been bubbling to the surface here at the Uncertainty Division, namely how to deal with our cumbersome name.

I once knew a London-based music outfit (with hestitation I’ll call them a band) called Noise Union who, after some consideration and a few gigs at places like The Marquee, dropped the first word to make themselves simply ‘Union’. By analogy, some people try to call us simply The Division which, while making sense (being shorter, and taken directly from our name), makes me think of annoying German industrial groups (probably musical, definitely involving metal).

There are some other options, none of which are particularly nice:

  • UD – looks nice as a logo, completely useless as a name, as you can’t pronounce it without sounding like a caveman
  • The Div – makes me think we’re in some weird gang
  • Improbable People – not strictly an abbreviation, but I thought I’d mention it because we’ve been called it in the past

If only we’d gone with our original name, Old Man Harris’ Card Shop, we could call ourselves, simply, Card shop – although that smacks altogether too much of Spontaneity Shop for my liking. Dang, this naming thing is difficult.

Anyway, let the suggestions roll in.

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