WMD … and all that jazz

There are many things I no doubt could – and possibly even should – write about the final capture of Saddam Hussein, following a six month campaign by the coalition forces to find an Identikit with a big enough beard.

Two things, however, strike me:

  • Time crowed about the capture, along with everyone else, in an edition on the shelves today – but dated 22nd December. How easy it must be for them to have an extra week to get their front page done and still be bang up to date! Pity the cover looks shit, really.
  • Saddam is denying he had WMD, which I’m inclined to believe. However he’s making matters worse for himself by denying that he did anything else wrong at all. Come the trial – in Iraq, in the Hague, wherever – I thoroughly expect him to still be denying having Kurds shot (no – they were dangerous traitors who would undermine the entire region), having Shias shot (no – more traitors), and having horrible gilted faux-rococo furniture in his palaces (who knows – perhaps they’re made out of traitors, to ensure the maximum damnation for their immortal souls?).

Perhaps there are some things we should never find out. The idea of knowing for sure that Time Warner have access to time travel is a profoundly worrying one.

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