What I want to know is …

If everyone responsible for that dossier believed it was based on accurate intelligence – what the hell is our intelligence community doing? Surely a good indication that Saddam could launch WMD in 45 minutes would have been a photo of such a weapon. Or a little ‘X’ on a map. For that matter, surely they’d be required to believe that he had any at all, no matter whether he could launch them in 45 minutes or not?

Okay, so no intelligence is perfect, and we know from the FBI’s story surrounding September 11th that if you have lots of information it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to pull out the right bits, but being certain enough that someone has something that you’ll go to war over it surely, surely, requires some sort of proof that they actually do. Like a till receipt, or a postcard from Basra with Hans Blix standing in front of a rocket with that three-pronged radition symbol on it.

It’s my taxes that are being spent on this. And I wanted a new DVD player.

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