Thought for the Dairy


with Anne Atkins

Shocking, isn’t it? That anybody could compare dairy products to incest, abortion, rape?

Yet that is exactly what the Bible challenges us to accept. Each day, as people pierce the tops of their milk bottles, just as Jesus’ side was pierced on the cross, homeless people who ought to know better huddle in pieces of newspaper relating news of war and containing pornographic images.

Fun? Yes, of course. And God knows, fun exists! We’ve all had fun. And fun, looked on as just fun, can be fun.

Healthy? No. It is a deadly poison which eats away at the heart of society. Like the snake which ate away at the heart of paradise.

There will be those who argue that dairy products contain calcium – “they must be natural”, they will say, “they are good for bones and teeth”. Indeed. Hungry words from a hungry, idolatrous world.

Yes, it may seem unfair and unjust to suggest that people who indulge in dairy products are somehow “unnatural”. Yes, it may seem “un-politically correct” to take the point of view that consumers of cheese and milk are cut off from God.

But this is the harsh reality of truth. The Bible is clear about one thing: God hates those who indulge in dairy products. “And ye shall go out at the breaches,” the book of Amos proclaims, “every cow at that which is before her.” Even more clearly, Exodus actually states that “Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk”. The implications are plain.

Fortunately for those apparently addicted to the unwholesome and, eventually, life-endangering terrors of the dairy product lifestyle, my Atkins diet helps people give up all dairy products, and strives ultimately to enable people to give up food altogether in pursuit of a more spiritual lifestyle.

It may seem an impossible, even distasteful ideology to impose on a society. But it is not impossible, for as the Bible makes clear, all things are possible. Difficult? Yes. Challenging? Yes.

But just as murder and starvation and even moreso the wicked perverted evils of homosexuality pose a challenge to which we need to respond, so do dairy products. It is time to take away the dairy products from the world.

Not unlike the lamb who came to take away the sins of the world…

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