Learning to drive

Today I had my first driving lesson; well, my first in about ten years, since my last abortive attempt to pass my test. It was very weird; I started off remembering almost nothing except something vague about mirrors and trying not to run over cyclists. By the end of two hours I was reasonably comfortable again, not actually getting everything right, but at least not getting everything wrong.

And I like my instructor this time. Last time, back when I was tiny and cars didn’t come in so many shiny colours, I had a middle-aged woman who never really gave me much confidence in myself, which was one of the reasons I failed (that and boxing in a terrified learner who didn’t understand Salisbury’s strange one way system).

So … that seems to be going quite well. Perhaps not as exciting as an intensive course, but then I think enough people I know have done one of them anyway – it’s time for someone to learn properly.

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