Missing Andrew Pontzen

Yesterday evening’s broadcast of the first in a new series of The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy has brightened up my life no end, and was a radio triumph to make up for a thousand shoddily scripted episodes of The Archers. Well done to everyone involved. I doubt any of them are reading this, but well done anyway.

Particular plaudits to Andy Taylor for his portrayal of Zem the Mattress, one of the most truly delightful things I have ever heard.

On the down side, I am missing Andrew Pontzen. Would anybody like to join a club for people who miss Andrew Pontzen? We could talk about our favourite Pontzen incidents (drunk Pontzen playing keyboard in somebody else’s show, or his lecture on black holes), we could swap Pontzen concepts (“pig tree” – I mean, how brilliant is that?), we could quote him incessantly (“every song needs a minor section”).

Anybody interested?

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