I was just sarcastic to an old lady

…she was standing in a corridor of the Guildhall (where I’m currently stationed); I was walking rather impatiently back to my office and she asked me if the art exhibition was upstairs. She was standing right next to a big sign saying “art exhibition upstairs” and a big arrow pointing up the stairs, so I sarcastically said “I think that’s probably what the big arrow means, yes,” and she said “oh” and thanked me.

And now I feel terribly terribly guilty.

She was wearing a knitted woolen hat and and she seemed so small and vulnerable to the cutting, cynical remarks of a thoughtless 25-year-old who might one day be equally vulnerable to such things if he lives that long. I’m a wicked, horrible person.

And my desk keeps making a noise like a dove coot, which I am sure is wrong for a desk.

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