I have, over the last few days, watched a number of films. They all seemed to contain people who have since gone on to be rather well known indeed, although for one of them this was no surprise because he was always a prolific bugger when it came to small roles.

Pump Up The Volume is great fun, even more so than I remembered. It’s kind of like Heathers, with fewer jokes, and if you prefer Samantha Mathis over Winona Ryder (which is a difficult call) then you’ll probably like it. Is has the afore-hinted Seth Green in a minor role; he also turns up in things like the pilot of The X Files, a film about skateboarders that I can’t remember the name of, and as an FBI geek in Enemy of the State.

Last night, I watched Candyman, which I’d never actually seen before. It’s got Xander Berkeley in it, who has gone on to be in 24 amongst other things; but more interestingly it has Kasi Lemmons, who had previously been in Vampire’s Kiss – check out the poster. It’s Nic Cage looking scared!

While we’re talking about Candyman, Urban Legend is of course fairly straightforwardly derivative of it in some ways, and today it’s Tara Reid’s birthday.

Dare I join them all together? Urban Legend stars Alicia Witt, who was in Four Rooms with Jennifer Beals, also in Vampire’s Kiss. Christian Slater has been in the West Wing, as has Michael O’Neill, also in 24.

IMDb is way too much fun. It’s like an encyclopedia on acid.

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