After reading of James’ diocesal publicity (see below), I decided to see if Google knew of any good photos of me. It’s unlikely, given that very few photos of me have found their way onto the Internetweb – but you never know, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first page of results is somewhat perplexing. Photos of myself, James and the two Andrews (presumably missing Phil, Ali, Susie and Mary – who are also featured on this site – because they’ve only been up for a mere six months, lazy Google) jostle for position with:

  • Harry Porter (this is actually an easier way of finding a photo of Harry than by putting his name into Google – because many people, it seems, can’t spell Harry Potter)
  • The logo of a band I was in at university
  • The Islamic Studies Library at McGill University, Canada
  • Assassination Science, a book on JFK’s murder
  • A red square called “blank”
  • A banner for the historical archives of the Civil War in the Virginia Historical Society
  • A banner for the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

The last three are most amazing, because they seem to appear on pages that contain neither “James” nor “Aylett”. Google, it seems, is nothing if not unpredictable. Which isn’t really what I want from Google, to be honest.

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