Last Christmas…

…I pointed out the extremely depressing undertones in Wham’s seminal hit Last Christmas.

This year I’m wondering if it’s actually more positive than I thought.

“Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away” – that’s definitely not happy, but “this year to save me from tears I gave it to someone special…”

I wonder if it could be about Jesus?

On that subject, last night I took part in a nativity/epiphany extravaganza for radio, which featured the Division’s very own James Aylett as Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary, a role which he managed to make his own without even using a tea towel.

Along with all the other men he was also a soldier when it got to the nasty bit where Herod kills all the babies. At one point in the convincingly horrific soundscape James shouted “there’s some more of them getting away over there!” and I suddenly had an image of a row of babies running off down the street.

From then on my own soldier was doubled over with laughter and I shall never find the killing of the innocents horrific again.

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