Last night I went to Cambridge’s premiere night-spot Life to discover that a large group of people had arrived in fancy dress. There didn’t seem to be any particular theme to their costumes, except that they all appeared to vaguely resemble circus freaks.

The normally dressed clientelle politely ignored the fancy dressers, assuming that it must have been some kind of stag night. But then somebody pointed out to me that the ridiculous false nose being worn by a man in a red cape was in fact his real nose.

It dawned on me that they might actually have been circus freaks.

Given that there are no circuses in town at the moment, I can only deduce that they probably weren’t, but it seems likely that they are the kind of people who might have been circus freaks in the glorious heyday of circus freakery. Since circus freaks are now considered more or less un-PC, these people have possibly found themselves pretty much out of a job – but the only way they can go out to a nightclub without attracting lots of attention is to dress up in the pretence of being out on a stag night.

Or perhaps they just like dressing up. I went round to see James Aylett on Saturday and he was dressed as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and nobody thinks the worse of him for that.

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