Dr Who gripe

People have muttered things like “the problems are with the 45-minute format” or “two-parters just don’t work”…

Well bollocks to that. The problems are with the storylines, or lack of them. The two-parter in question had barely enough story for one episode and that was pretty insubstantial – I’m sorry, after a lovely alien threat being set up (yes, lovely, they crashed a spaceship into Big Ben and everything) it’s a bloody disappointment that the Doctor wins the day simply by launching a missile at them! (Yes, a bloody disappointment.) It’s sloppy writing, just like the “anti-plastic” used to defeat the plastic aliens in the first episode. What, has Russell T Davies been taking lessons in deus ex machina from J K Rowling or something?

I enjoyed it. But it was also pretty shite. Dr Who was always – always – at its best when the writing was top notch. And no amount of flashy special effects and fart jokes can change that. Even Penelope Wilton can’t change that, wonderful though she is.

Come on, sort it out. What’s the script editor getting paid for, for God’s sake?

And the aliens still look rubber and shite after all these years.

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