I knew he was a mistake

To: david.howarth@cambridgelibdems.org.uk
Sent: 06 May 2005 17:37
Subject: Parliamentary query

Dear David,

Many congratulations on your victory in the Parliamentary election yesterday.

Anne Campbell, whose shoes you are (figuratively of course) stepping into, was a member of the Parliamentary choir. Although she had many facets which I shall not particularly miss, I did find it somehow reassuring to know that my MP was throwing herself into the arts on a regular basis – albeit surrounded by a pot-pourri of Lords and Westminster high-flyers. I wondered if you had any plans to continue this fine choral tradition set by your predecessor?

I believe that Mrs Campbell sang in the alto section. I would suggest that you would be unwise to do this yourself unless you have been especially trained for such things.

All the very best of luck,

James Lark

From : David Howarth
Sent : 06 May 2005 22:55:14

Many thanks – but I fear that my voice would not be up to standard in any register!


David Howarth

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