Budgetary process

http://www.makepovertyhistory.org/whiteband_small_right.js http://www.makepovertyhistory.org

George W Bush has decided that debt-relief for Africa “doesn’t fit our budgetary process“.

What does this mean, exactly? “We need that money for more wars”? “African debt-relief isn’t part of the American dream”? “Gee, but cancelling their debt won’t make us any richer”?

How is it that a man can believe God has instructed him to make holy war against Iraq, yet for budgetary reasons won’t consider writing off Africa’s debt – which is, after all, a scriptural concept?

Could it be that Bush is not listening to God at all?

Because if he’s not, it seems unlikely that he’ll listen to Bono, Bob Geldoff or other assorted celebrities either.

In the mean time, though, there is information about what you to do if you want to email Tony Blair and urge him to give Bush a good slap here. Or you could try emailing president@whitehouse.gov if you reckon there’s any chance that he’ll read it.

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