Too much excitement

Yesterday was probably the most exciting day of my life to date.

The media conference I was on reached its climax with guest star Ann Widdecombe, who was completely bonkers but thoroughly entertaining and who I feel sure would be a perfect Prime Minister, if only anyone was brave enough to put her in that kind of position. At one point she declared “I’m not a world dictator, though maybe I’d like to be and the world would be a better place…”

On its own that would have been enough to make my day at least extremely memorable. But then in the evening I went to London to see Mary Poppins, which I watched with a big grin on my face and tears running down my cheeks. I haven’t been so insanely ecstatic for a very long time.

In many ways Ann Widdecombe and Mary Poppins are comparable for their inspiring qualities and their no-nonsense approach to life. But Ann Widdecombe didn’t fly over the audience, which I think on balance can only be a good thing.

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