Famous fans

It felt pretty good knowing that Jamie Callum was flyered for my show last week, even if I didn’t see him myself. It was extremely exciting to witness my co-star giving a flyer for the same show to Simon Callow, who thanked her in stentorian tones and told her he would certainly come “if I can possibly manage it”. But imagine how these moments of pleasure were dwarfed in the early hours of this morning when I performed at Magdalene Ball and Vanessa Feltz sat through my entire set.

In retrospect it seems unwise to have started by making some jokes about fat people. But whilst she is said to have received these in tight-lipped silence, the fact that she sat through the rest of it and didn’t lynch me at the end presumably means that she enjoyed what I was doing. Even the (now rather out of date) Michael Howard song.

Though I am slightly disappointed that she didn’t storm onto the stage and try and sort out my personal problems for the sake of entertaining the other people there. I imagine she could be a great heckler, she’s dealt with so many herself.

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