Tom's women

Meant to write about this a week or so ago, but got distracted.

A couple of Fridays ago I watched the new Batman, which I have to say was great fun, superbly dark, and packed full of good actors – all very much of the good. Of the bad was that it took ages to get going. As my sister pointed out to me, it really did need Christian Bale’s prettiness to get through the slow ninja bit at the beginning. “You must waste fifteen minutes of the film climbing this mountain.” I mean, really.

Of course, it’s really two films – how he became Batman, and Batman’s First Exciting Adventure. The first one is more dramatic, but turgidly slow, and so needs the second for anyone to bother watching it.

Full marks, however, for the starring role given to Katie Holmes’ nipples (penultimate scene). Her future, warmer, films will feel a let-down.

A couple of days later I watched Moulin Rouge. Wow.

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