Childish ramblings

So apparently weblogs are a bit passé now. The newest way to alert web-surfers to your deepest thoughts is with “podcasts”.

What are podcasts? Well, essentially they are the same as what I used to do in my youth with a tape recorder – pressing record and saying whatever came into my head. Only instead of playing the resulting musings back to an audience of one (i.e. myself), “podcasts” have a potential audience of millions, thanks to the world wide web.

Oh how annoying that I wasn’t able to broadcast my own childish ramblings in this way back in the 1980s. I fear I no longer have the time to do it, and in any case I’d only be tempted to do silly voices and it would lose all the charming sincerity of bona fide podcasting.

On the other hand I still have the tapes. Perhaps I could belatedly podcast them to the world now?

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