I haven’t been in London since 7th July, so apologies if you are familiar with the situation and this all sounds a bit distasteful. But today being the first time I have used the underground since all of that nastiness, I was slightly appalled to find myself eyeing with suspicion anyone with either a rucksack or a dark face.

Between Oxford Circus and King’s Cross a man with a terrorist haircut clutching a large rucksack on his lap made my palms go all sweaty. But did I have the balls to ask “did you pack that bag yourself?” The hell I did.

Now I’m rather glad that I did not. In retrospect the rucksack he was clutching probably contained his lunch box, and his haircut – well, we’ve all had unfortunate haircuts at one time or another, haven’t we.

If I have been terrified into becoming a habitual racist and rucksack-hater, does that mean the terrorists have won?

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