Victorian parlour-style Aussie fun

I am not a particular devotee of Neighbours, though readers of this weblog will be aware that I have become more interested in it since Paul Robinson returned and has been acting in a suitably villainous manner. Today, because I had more important activities to attend to, I missed it, but my housemate Tim and his girlfriend Jessica (who is an Australian no less) didn’t; so when I got home they acted out the whole episode for me.

Some of the scenes had the hallmark of absolute authenticity, and it seemed that they had remembered much of it line for line (when Jessica delivered the line “there isn’t any us because there isn’t any trust!” I could almost have been in Ramsey Street).

Tim did a passable Harold, and Jessica’s Izzy was very commendable, though her Cindy was the most entertaining part of the spectacle. And as a viewing experience it was ten times more enjoyable than Neighbours itself.

So I’m wondering whether I ought to make it a regular institution. As long as Tim and Jessica are happy to do it I think it will be fun for all. And perhaps some other Neighbours watchers might like to come round and join in? I imagine that in a few years’ time, my living room might fill up with people at about 6 o’clock, eager to see the spectacle of the superior, live-action Neighbours Reconstructed

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