Flawed, definitely. As for confusing…

The Evangelical Council of the Church of England has issued a response to the latest statement on Civil Partnerships which yet again states nothing except for their unchanging and inflexible attitudes towards the issue of homosexuality.

‘While individuals are free under civil law to register partnerships, to do so is incompatible with Christian discipleship, recognising that sexual expression of the relationship is implicitly acknowledged’ – so, all that discussion at the House of Bishops over a hugely complex issue is reduced back to a simple ‘we’re not discussing it because gay sex is bad.’ How ironic that they go on to describe the House of Bishops as naïve…

I suppose it’s an easier way of dealing with complex issues. A bit like labelling terrorists as ‘evil‘ and assuming it’s enough to wrap up that difficult topic. So perhaps the Government are also running the Evangelical Council?

Well, that’s one theory. But a more alarming possibility suggests itself in the statement when it uses the phrase ‘morally flawed and societally confusing legislation’.

I’m sorry, morally flawed and…what???

‘Societally’ is not a word that is recognised by my computer. Or my dictionary, for that matter. In fact, it looks more like a word that has been invented by George W. Bush.

Could it be that, in the little spare time he has, George W. Bush is also running the Evangelical Council of the Church of England?

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