Good advice

Just to let you all know that I’ve come back from a fun-packed few days at the Edinburgh Fringe looking all officious with James Aylett and a pair of press passes. James wore a shirt and jacket like he was from The Scotsman or possibly even The Telegraph, though I think even he looks too young for that. I was dressed like I was reviewing for Time Out, therefore got sneered at more but ultimately I also got more offers of sex.

After rather a long and tedious journey back, during which James Aylett continually demanded chocolate, he parted from me with the words ‘go to bed’.

An hour later, I am still awake and have just written quite flippant replies to most of the emails in my inbox, which I think I shall regret in the morning.

(I got an email from Alex Horne telling me that sewing is not a special skill. Well, what the fuck is it then? It was special enough to earn me a Cub Scout badge.)

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