Internal struggle

Just had a difficult time deciding what music to put on.

Fun as it would be to listen to all my birthday Bowie, I have work to do and he’s far too distracting.

It’s rather sunny outside which suggests Vaughan Williams, but it rained on me very violently earlier and you can still smell the water in the air, which makes him inappropriate. A more wet-weather British composer would be Britten, but I can’t seriously try and work with a Britten opera in the background. Sibelius seemed like a good compromise, as he’s a bit like Vaughan Williams without so many cows, but maybe a little bit too jolly for the time being; on the other hand I didn’t fancy anything melodramatic like Rachmaninov. But it’s definitely a romantic afternoon, which rules out everything pre-Beethoven. And I can’t listen to Beethoven because he reminds me of youth orchestras. A more obscure composer called Stenhammer almost fit the brief, but he’s a bit grandiose and Wagnerian given my slightly delicate state after a weekend of parties and a night of insomnia.

Then it struck me: Mendelssohn. This is most definitely a Reformation Symphony moment.


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