It's all water under the bridge now

Well, I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s had a difficult week, what with the Bush administration’s lazy response to Hurricane Katrina tempting me at times to wonder whether he’s really such a capable President after all. So it is greatly reassuring to see all the photographs of him shaking hands with people in New Orleans – some black people, even! – proving that he does care about them after all.

Better still, he has asked his Daddy, popular former President George Bush Senior, to lead a relief fund in his own name (not sure who this Clinton character he’s doing it with is, though). So the Bush family are well and truly on the case, and let’s hear no more of this childish sniping that it took the President a long time to respond to the crisis. He is a busy man and probably had an important game of golf to finish.

I suppose it’s obvious why George W. Bush needs a relief fund to help with the problem, when he’s clearly so unwilling to part with any of the billions of dollars he already has for such things. No doubt these are needed for more important funds – the nuclear stockpile fund, perhaps, and the all-important space race – so thank God that America has been able to depend on aid from bigger countries such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in the mean time.

You can donate to the Bush-Clinton fund here.

On the other hand, if the thought of giving money to a fund with the name Bush in the title makes you want to vomit up a week’s worth of meals, as I have found to be a problem, you might consider donating to the Red Cross, who I would point out were on the scene of the disaster several days before George W. Bush even noticed that it had happened.

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