Eating local

The slightly oddly-named Life Begins At 30 blog (everyone knows that after 29 you are 21 again) has a great post about why you should eat locally produced food.

However it’s a disturbing post because of a couple of the comments further down. One person says:

Oh and another thing – I hate to be the one to tell you this, but life actually begins at 0. If you’re a Republican I guess you’d say life begins at -.75, but you wouldn’t say it to me because I’d karate chop you in the neck for voting for a retarded monkey twice in a row.

which is unnecessary, but at least the view of some people. Then someone replies:

jeez, some of you wacky liberals can’t even take a nice, simple post about the pleasures of fresh food without taking a pointless partisan swipe. Pathetic.

which is necessary, and I guess the view of some people. But liberals? I find it amazing, sometimes, that the word ‘liberal’ has become a mark of derision, of disrespect, in modern America. Perhaps I just don’t understand human nature very well. Perhaps I just don’t understand Americans very well.

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