Peter Jackson sees the light

Bye bye Howard Shore…

Was it “differing creative aspirations”? Or was it that he’s no bloody good?

I make no secret of the fact that I think Peter Jackson is overrated, but my respect for the man has just shot up. If he’s realised what the biggest problem with Lord of the Rings was, then maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Would love to have been there for the moment of revelation…

Jackson: So what are your creative aspirations for this film, Howard?

Shore: Oh, I’ve got BIG creative aspirations for this film.

Jackson: (excited) Really?

Shore: Yeah, you remember on Lord of the Rings I had those big minor chords played by brass instruments with a choir in the background?

Jackson: (really excited) Yeah! Yeah, I remember!

Shore: Well, this time I thought I’d do more big minor chords…

Jackson: (in suspense) Yeah?

Shore: But…

Jackson: (bursting with excitement) Yeah?

Shore: …with even more French horns!

(awkward silence)

Shore: Like, you know – fifty more!

(more silence)

Shore: (uncertainly) And a bigger choir?

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