Talented and beautiful

John Finnemore’s Sketch Night is a lot of fun. The concept is simple: John Finnemore has written some sketches and they have been put into a night. But you know, it really works. Maybe it’ll catch on…

Aside from knocking back a few drinks afterwards with an old friend who still resents the fact that my Dad didn’t offer him a cake in 1998, I spoke to some of the (needless to say talented and beautiful) cast, and indeed the great Finnemore himself. Who said to me, at one point, ‘I like your weblog’.

This means, of course, that I can’t write anything in the least bit negative about his show, because it’s not unlikely that he’ll sooner or later cast his eye over this entry and start to think ‘hmmm….is “the great Finnemore” meant as a genuine accolade or is Lark being sarcastic? And when he says “I can’t write anything in the least bit negative”, does that mean he didn’t like my show and really wanted to slag it off?’ God knows what sleepless nights I’ve already given the man.

But it really is worth seeing (I realise this probably all sounds totally insincere now) if only for the song about shoes which I loved, the bit about Bifidus Digestivum (you really have to be there) and the bit where somebody draws on Marianne’s face, which feels almost sacrilegious.

My friend enjoyed it a lot too, in spite of the years of simmering cake resentment.

In the bar afterwards I also persuaded Marianne to put David Bowie into her novel, so everyone was a winner.

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