That's entertainment

When Michael Jackson was on trial there was a (rather crappy) televised dramatisation of the whole thing.

But Michael Jackson’s trial was boring. Even when he wasn’t too upset by it to put his face on and turn up, it was pretty tame entertainment – unless you get off on stories about grown men sharing beds with children, which you wouldn’t unless you were Michael Jackson, who I presume didn’t tune in to the dramatisation for personal reasons.

On the other hand, Saddam Hussein’s trial has been FANTASTIC. Great entertainment every day combining comedy and tragedy and a character we all know and love. (It surely can’t just be me who sort of loves Saddam? I mean, I know he’s an evil dictator and all that, but not in the league of Hitler or Stalin – let’s face it, Tony Blair’s killed a lot of people in Iraq as well, but we haven’t put him on trial yet – and now that he has a beard he looks like Santa Claus, which I think is rather endearing – Saddam that is, not Tony.)

All sorts of entertaining leaping up and shouting and people denouncing everybody else on a daily basis… So why oh why hasn’t somebody decided to dramatise this trial?

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