Worrying email

I just recieved the following email from Delyth Jones, the director of my show:

i had the WORST nightmare last night. You did the show (at John Barton’s flat – it was bigger in the dream) and Greg Doran and JB and all the great and good of British Theatre came to see it. But you decided to be all experimental and totally change the show. It included a rendition of Kylie’s Spinning Around and a boy called Ed Maxwell (?) as your sidekick. I was sat in the front row and cried and had to leave as my career was ruined.
I hope this will not ever happen.

Well – that’s me told.

(By the way, does anybody know an Ed Maxwell? I’m pretty sure I’ve never performed with one. If you are him, perhaps you’d like to step forward. I’m wondering if it could be this person, but it seems unlikely that I’d do a one-man comedy show with a geographer as a sidekick.)

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