Caption fun

Either somebody at BBC online is having a laugh, or they were up very late last night.

For those of us who like to ogle pictures of celebrities, they’ve kindly given us last night’s Oscars ceremony in pictures.

But what’s this? “Juicy J, DJ Paul and Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia gave an energetic performance of It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp, from the film Hustle and Flow”:


Wow, just look at those bad gangsta dudes – I’m guessing the lines “North Memphis where I’m from, I’m 7th Street bound / Where niggaz all the time end up lost and never found” is autobiographical for at least one of them.

Ah, maybe this explains it: “Nick Park and Steve Box gave their Oscar statuettes matching bow ties when they accepted the awards for Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”:


Yup. Either archetypal Brit Nick Park has gone for a radical change of style, or there’s been some sort of mix-up here.

But there’s no mix-up that can account for this the following: “Wallace and Gromit could not make it to the ceremony themselves – but animation company Aardman sent a photo of the pair celebrating their third Oscar.”


Ah, yes, there he is look – our favourite plasticine hero celebrating his forth Oscar, replete with the distinctive Aardman grin. I hear he’s thinking of breaking into more serious arthouse films now that he’s made his mark in the world of animation…

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