Liberated indecision

Having got Deon Vonniget out of the way and dealt with the whole tedious process of Edinburgh applications (for the time being, at least), I find I have an awful lot more free time than I’ve been used to. I mean, whole hours in a row, without rehearsals to go to, shows to perform or Christmas presents to buy.

Any social life that I had before my lengthy flirtation with the stage has gone, so it’s either internet chatrooms or sitting down and getting some writing done.

So I’ve spent the last week doing a complete redraft of an Elizabethan action romp I set down with Jon Croker a while back and haven’t touched for over half a year. It’s structurally pretty much okay, but it has been a real joy to go through it making sure every line of dialogue sparkles like a pair of ruby slippers – essentially doing what fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would refer to as a “Joss Whedon” on it. I now have a weighty-looking script sitting on my floor looking very happy but in need of some cutting – a job which I feel can wait for a while.

Now I’ve turned my mind to various half-formed or even half-written ideas I’ve had knocking around for ages. Except that having decided what the most promising ideas are, I find myself utterly unable to decide between them. There’s the option of reworking Deon Vonniget as a radio show – not my idea, in fact, somebody else’s, but it’s a good one as it would adapt well and given that we’re taking the show to Edinburgh it might even be possible to sell to somebody.

Or there’s my long-term plan to write a biopic of – oh, it’s such a good idea I’m not even going to mention the person in question in case somebody thieves it, but suffice it to say that it would need researching, and I’m just not sure I can be bothered.

I could finish off the novel I started writing three years ago but got bogged down with so ended up writing a different one instead. And frankly one unpublished novel feels like enough when there are plenty of people out there reading it and liking it but never quite saying “I’ll publish this”. Would that the unfinished novel was based on a more commercial idea – but it’s not. Maybe I should just knock out a Mills and Boon.

Except that I kind of half want to write a musical called “Oh! what a lovely war against terrorism” – certainly I think that if I could make it work audiences wouldn’t be too much of a problem…

I don’t know. I shall walk into town to buy some envelopes and see if I feel inspired. In the mean time, any advice would be gratefully received, especially if you’re a publisher who desperately wants to publish my novel. The finished one.

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