Today’s attempt to be a productive and worthwhile member of society was to vote. Since I’m at home at the moment, I got to do this quite early, and was slightly disappointed by the speed with which I went through. No surprise, however, that the only party member there to check what was going on was Liberal Democrat: there are Labour supporters in my area, as evidenced by the nasty red/yellow signs their houses sport, but nothing like the density of Lib Dems – and I’m not even sure that Conservatives are allowed out unaccompanied in West Chesterton.

Later, I wandered down to Jesus Green, since I’d been assured that it was the place to be in the sun; unfortunately by the time I got there the sun had all but vanished, but it was still pleasant to lie on the grass reading and enjoying the warmth. It’s been quite some time since I did this – I think I managed to get away a couple of times during the run of Out Of Your Mind in Edinburgh, but the last time I remember having such blissful lack of concern for anything at all was in Central Park over four years ago. (I was reading Dragon’s Egg by Robert L Forward; now, Romanitas by Sophia McDougall.)

When it started to get chilly I picked myself up, waved goodbye to the people foolishly trying to balance on elastic stretched between trees, and wandered back home. I feel more productive already.

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