Antidote to radio comedy?

I just listened to some of 28 Acts in 28 Minutes – “a traditional variety show where each act only gets 60 seconds to perform.”

It is a terrible idea. I think I got as far as the fourteenth act before giving up, which I feel is slightly shameful because there were people I know performing on it. But there is no pleasure, none at all, in hearing a succession of people only just getting started. Or worse still, not quite getting finished.

I’m not saying it’s impossible for comedians to use 60 seconds to be efficiently and brilliantly funny, but very few comedians have a style that really allows them to do this. And of course in the few cases where people had really worked out how to use their time (the Hollow Men, for example), I wanted to hear more of them. A very dissatisfying listen.

*Sigh* … back to I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue, then, for the 34th year running…

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