Better than Bees?

I’ve had an email from Sarah Bee complaining that I didn’t mention that she rescued my nipple from the peg that Adam Kay’s friend put on it. No doubt if she hadn’t, somebody on the tube would have done, but let it never be said that I am an ingrate. Even though she has said it already.

She also talked about blogging and described it as “hard” because of “all that solipsism” and the depressing nature of blogging about politics. I was forced to take a step back and analyse my feelings about blogging, and I decided: no, actually I don’t find it hard. In fact, back in the day when my life consisted of processing applications for government funding in a Blairite quango, blogging was the one thing that made it worthwhile. Using time that I was being paid for, and no doubt breaking the official secrets act on several occasions (not that I’ve ever read the official secrets act), my blog was the perfect arena to mouth off about some of the ridiculous things that were getting government funding. That little bit of subversion kept me alive.

But it wasn’t just subversive; in those days, I could virtually float out of my office-bound body and hover in an internety space of musings about driving a pink Uncertainty Division minibus, dancing in the fields like Julie Andrews, and being Angela Tilby on “Thought for the Dairy“. But a few highlights which spring to mind.

But maybe my attitude is just the complete opposite of Bee’s. For while she says that she once blogged about bees and describes it as a “nadir”, my experience of blogging about bees is that it is anything but a nadir.

Ah…but that was back in the days when I was forced to do menial labour for which I was underpaid and overqualified, just so that I could scrape enough to live the dream. Now that I’m actually living the dream, has my blog become just a series of self-agrandising discussions of my nipple and plugs for the many and varied performances and publications I’m involved in?

Sigh. Innocence truly is dead.

Which reminds me, you can buy my CD right now, right here. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned quite how beautiful it is. And at an insanely low price, too! Could you get a new Busted album for £6.99? I doubt it. So hurry along and buy it now before I petition my publishers to put the price up.

In this photograph a sweaty James Lark points with pride to the cover of The Rise and Fall of Deon Vonniget in the aftermath of a sell-out performance.

I’m sorry, the sniffer bees were exciting, but that is better.

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