spending time with you

Hope I am not writing tao wrong address. I am nicea, pretty looking
girbl. I am plannbing on visiting your town this month. Can
we bmeet each other in person? Message me back at ttmo@globalmobpost.com

Well, “ttmo” (or “Allison”, as your totally different email address claims). Much as I am a sucker for a good “girbl” (I assume you mean “gerbil”), especially a Nicean one, I generally fall short of bmeeting people, at least until I know them a little better. What are your views on neo-imperialism? Can we overcome selfish tendencies to form a unified democracy? What exactly did we lose in the Council of Rome? Is Sarah Michelle Gellar cuter than Alyson Hannigan?

These are important questions. But not, perhaps, quite as important as: what the bloody hell can you possibly gain from sending me this email? I’m not stupid. I’m not insane. What do you actually expect me to do that will benefit you at all?

(And finally, for the geeks among us: why on earth did you send this as text/plain; charset=”us-ascii” and then specify content-transfer-encoding as 8bit? What is that supposed to mean? What are you using the eighth bit for? Is it spying on me?)

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