Sad and trodden

At one point on the path I walk into Edinburgh on every day there is the painted motto “O CYCLING”. I think this is a rather lovely sentiment and it’s certainly what I’m thinking by the time I reach that part of the time-consuming trot.

I also saw something else on the same path, only this was walking BACK to my accommodation at a ridiculous hour this morning: one of my flyers, looking damp and sad and trodden into the ground.

My director left Edinburgh on Sunday, since when I have been flyering for my show all by myself – so I was heartened to see that, all by myself, I have handed out enough flyers for one of them to end up randomly trodden into a path about a mile and a half away from anywhere I’ve been giving them to people.

Oh, and I’m mentioned in the Independent’s Fringe diary today. Essentially for being a racist.

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