Book imitates life, thankfully gets it wrong

In the book, we say that wherever possible you should see the Macbeth with the naked lesbian witches. We also suggest it’s not a good idea to have a show where the cast is nine-year-old nuns.

Thank heavens we didn’t think of combining the two, although in the 1970s anything was possible:

Frankfurt Opera’s production of Prokoviev’s The Fiery Angel was the talk of the worthies before the 1970 Festival, as its last act included an orgy, with half-naked nuns. Big-wigs, including the Lord Provost, flew to Frankfurt to see this filth before allowing it to be shown. But, having been wined and dined, [at] least two of the panel fell asleep before the offending orgy. The Fiery Angel was given a seal of approval.

Found in The Independent (while searching for evidence of James’ racism). Not actually nine-year-olds; that is beyond even The Independent.

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