Somebody told me today that women can wee twice as fast as men. She had statistics to prove it and everything, which maybe made her sound very knowledgeable on the topic, but didn’t quite convince me. I mean, it doesn’t sound that likely, does it? I wonder if perhaps the statistics have been skewed by the fact that women only have half the distance to cover.

What we need is actual physical evidence. It would probably require a man and a woman in controlled circumstances, who would be given the same amount of fluids and forced to urinate at the same regular intervals, then after about a week we could watch them wee.

There would also have to be a control who wouldn’t be allowed to wee at all.

On a different subject altogether, I patted a koala in Steve Irwin’s zoo and two days later he was dead. I can’t help feeling slightly responsible.

The impression I get from the news is that the world is in mourning, whereas the atmosphere here in Australia is one of quiet rejoicing.

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