Wedding bells

On Saturday, one of my best friends got married. Thinking back, there weren’t actually wedding bells, but there were all the staples of weddings past, present and future:

  • traffic jams, pubs and poor directions resulting in various people getting to the church late (but fortunately still in the right order)
  • a best man looking more stressed than the groom; to his credit, Andy did a fantastic job (and even managed to get up at seven the following morning to walk round the hotel gardens – which were incredibly beautiful)
  • cars that haven’t been used for anything other than weddings in more than fifty years
  • the father of the bride being more tearful than he’d like to admit, and occasionally closer to the bone than he perhaps originally intended
  • the mother of the bride realising she wasn’t allowed to fret about her daughter’s life any more (and so fretting about her other daughter)
  • meeting entertaining members of family (and family-to-be), and people you haven’t seen for ages (sometimes at once)
  • unexpectedly deep and serious conversations
  • children, crazy people and other live entertainments
  • lots of alchohol

Perhaps predictably, one of the readings was from Ecclesiastes, as ridiculed by James a few days ago. What James failed to point out is that the following line ends “and a threefold cord is not quickly broken”. There are several lines about two being better than one, and suddenly we get three into the equation. Who is the third? The priest? The mother of the bride? Solomon? And if three lie down together, can they all keep warm, or does that only work in twos? And if so, which one gets cold?

These are questions for couples everywhere to explore themselves. To Michaela and Darren: good luck in finding your answers.

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