Brazen jibe

Okay, I confess I’ve been catching up on Neighbours since I got back from Australia. Not obsessively – just to see the bits I learned I’d missed on the Ramsey Street tour, like Connor being horribly murdered and Sky getting pregnant by three different people.

The following line from an episode at the end of August leapt out at me. Paul and his children are having a jokey chat about home videos and Robert (who is, incidentally, pretending to be Cameron in this particular scene) makes a comment about Paul’s 80s mullet. Paul responds:

“I did not have an 80s mullet! Excuse me, it was your Uncle Scotty who was the king of the mullet. That was until nature took revenge and his hairline started receding…”

In case you forget who played “Uncle Scotty”, I would point out that this is a brazen jibe about none other than Jason Donovan and his current follically-challenged state.

It’s just one step away from joking about Aunty Charlene and her breast cancer…

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