"Dual stick" movement control

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas offering, “The Runaway Bride”, was so tiresomely crap that I can’t even be bothered to talk about it.

But I have reason to be grateful for the new series of Who, substandard though it so often turns out to be (and don’t even get me started on Torchwood…). Because one its consequences has been the production of a varied and I reckon pretty high-quality (if overpriced) range of merchandise. And as of Christmas day, I have been the proud owner of a radio controlled Dalek.

It is officially the Best Christmas Present I Have Ever Had.

The downside, I fear, is that it already accounts for most of next year’s procrastination time. In fact it seems likely that I’ll have to make a whole load of extra time for the usual procrastination, meaning that I’ll get nothing useful done at all.

Ah well, so much for 2007.

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