Ultimate bad Harry

Since James Aylett pointed out some time ago that we owe a large number of hits on our blog to people searching for Harry Potter porn (or Hermione porn, or James Lark porn), I felt it would be remiss of me not to at least acknowledge something which, for the many people who have been disappointed by this blog over the years, must feel like the answer to a million prayers:

Yes, it is a publicity shot for an edgy and brilliant play. Yes, it is beautifully lit and artfully photographed. Nevertheless, I challenge anyone to deny that this is a shameless piece of Harry Potter porn.

As such, it has provoked an amusing response from parents across the country who believe that young Potter is setting a very bad example to their children. Of course, they’re missing the point – Harry Potter has grown up with his fans, so the original devotees of his wizardly adventures are just reaching the age when they might start to feel their first stirrings of a desire to sleep with horses. As for Harry’s younger fans, surely you can never be too young to learn that horses are very lovely animals but there is such a thing as liking them too much?

Apparently ticket sales of Equus (which is not exactly Les Miserables) are already in their millions. Clearly there are a lot of people out there who do like horses very much indeed…

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