Bloody LoveFilm

Or LOVEFiLM as we’re probably supposed to capitalise it. I’m updating my rental list at the moment, as I do every so often, and I’m shocked at the number of features that they used to have (or at least the one they gobbled up, ScreenSelect, used to have) that now don’t work.

For instance, although I can still hide a title on the recommendation list, it’s no longer marked in a way that makes obvious sense, so I have to play around to find it. (And I’ll probably forget next time, and have to play around again.)

And worse. Actually, each time I find something that is wrong or missing, it turns out that actually it isn’t missing, it’s just odd and not terribly obvious. And the recommendations system seems completely buggered: it’s recommending the second half of Lost season 1, not on the basis of the first half of Lost season 1, but because I’ve selected 24 (yes, people might like both, but they aren’t remotely similar or indeed terribly overlapping viewerships – are they?). And it seems to prefer making suggestions based on things I’ve expressed some interest in over things I’ve actually rated. Which makes me wonder why they want me to rate things at all.

And when you go back to a page having updated something, using their own buttons to get back to what you were doing before, the page doesn’t contain the updated information. That’s just shoddy. And their web layout is horrible and confusing. And they don’t seem to take account of “please hide this” instructions in sorting out recommendations (with the result that I’m getting kind of tired of saying that I don’t want to rent episodes of The Simpsons). It’s like a service designed by bank managers.

Okay, time to chill out and go to bed. But L0v3f17m sux.

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