Told you so

In the space of the last twelve hours I’ve had two messages telling me that I was right. Firstly about David Bowie – Marcia, one of the fine singers in my fine choir emailed me to say:

Your recommended David Bowie top ten list has been running on the wishlist of our radiotracker (monitoring something over 1000 radio stations) for exactly 4 weeks now and the only track that came in was Station to Station while 62 of his other tracks were recorded (several times each). The scientist in me likes statistics and proving things right or wrong.

And indeed the scientist in me likes being proved right.

Secondly, about Jason Donovan – John, a vet who has on several occasions been mistaken both for a young Tom Baker and for a tenor, wrote to say:

Jason Donovan is making a come back (as you rightly predicted). He is going to be a judge on “Any Dream will do” – the Technicolour dreamcoat version of “How do you solve a problem like Maria” – on our screens in the near future…

If anybody else wants to prove me right on any issue at all, I’m really enjoying this feeling of self-satisfied smugness so please go right ahead.

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