Morning evacuation

This morning I was woken by a siren and a repeated recorded announcement. Having been informed by the council that we live in a terrorist hotspot (and, it turns out, just down the road from a school caretaker who randomly posts letter bombs), and remembering the information on our evacuation zone map that mentions public address systems, I naturally assumed that it was armageddon: the terrorists were about to strike and my house was right in the middle of the danger zone. (This is what comes of living opposite a Unitarian church…)

As it turned out, it was a lorry reversing down my road.

But the slightly distressing thing is that when I thought it was a terrorist attack, my inclination was to turn over and go back to sleep. “Sod this,” I thought, “I can’t be bothered to evacuate my house this early. I might die, but at least I’ll die in my sleep.”

If that’s my attitude, does it mean the terrorists have won?

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